Score Editor - start at bar 1 for any part?

I’m transcribing bass lines for several songs. I have all the songs in a project and on the same track. For each song I perform tempo detection and track a separate MIDI bass part along with the track. All MIDI bass parts are also on the same track.

For the second song, for instance, it begins at bar 194 in the project. But when I open the score editor just for the part for that song it gives me 193 bars of rest leading up to it. Can I force the score editor to start at bar 1 with respect to the selected part open in the editor?

I don’t think you can.
But you can enable multirests so when you open just that part you won’t get two pages of rests.


I’m also afraid, this is not possible. I tried to use some shifts (offsets) in the Project Setup, but it doesn’t help.

Yes, so long as you go to Preferences>Scores>Editing, and activate “Unlock Layout when editing single Parts”. Then of course open only the MIDI Part in question.
But there is one (big?) caveat to doing that… there is only one Layout available per selected track configuration. Therefore, if you do any Layout work on an individual Part, then close the Score Editor then reopen it with a different Part on the same MIDI track, you will lose the previous Layout.
Depending upon the number of different songs you are dealing with here, if still manageable, I’d at least put the Bass line for each song on its own MIDI track, that way, using the method described above, each will retain its own Layout.

Using separate tracks and activating that preference worked well. I did end up hiding my bar numbers though.

I couldn’t get anything to change with multi-rests.

Thanks all!

You can double-click on a bar number, and set an offset (which will of course apply the same offset to any further MIDI Parts on the track, so… work through from left to right :wink: )
Try this amendment to the above method…

  1. You can keep all your Bass Parts on that same track (if that’s how they were recorded anyways :wink: )
  2. Make a Shared Copy of each Bass Part, and drag each Shared Copy onto the start of a new MIDI track (with that preference still activated, of course).
    Now, each Part will appear in the Score Editor as starting at bar #1 :slight_smile: