Score Editor Step Record Cursor Behavior

I’m new to Cubase and just installed 10 Pro on Windows 7 64-bit. When I use step record in the score editor with a midi keyboard, the input cursor advances in an erratic way. Can someone who uses step record in the score editor help me understand what I need to change to correct this issue?

I have display quantize set small, and normally have quantize length set to link but have tried changing it to match my note selection. The issue occurs in multiple time signatures.

The issue is dependent on where I enter the note. Regardless of the note duration, if I enter the note at the beginning of a measure the cursor advances that same duration. If the note is not the first in the measure and the preceding note is a larger duration, the cursor advances the correct duration. But if the preceding note is a smaller duration, the cursor advances the duration of the preceding note. For example, if I follow a quarter note with a half note the cursor advances only a quarter note even though the actual note duration is a correct half note. This means that the cursor is in the wrong position for the notes that follow.


  • Walt


Could you please make some screenshots or a video? I’m not sure if I understand your description correct, or it behaves different to me.

  • I have 4/4 Bar.
  • I enter 1/4 note at the beginning.
  • Next I want to add 1/2 note immediately behind.
  • So I switch to the 1/2 quantise.
    => Cubase creates 1/4 break, and jumps to the 2nd 1/2 position. If I enter the note, the result is:
    1/4 note | 1/4 break | 1/2 note.

But my request was
1/4 note | 1/2 note.

Is it the same by you or do you have different issue?

Hi Martin

That’s not the behavior I see with midi keyboard input. Let me describe using the “Mouse Time Position”:

New measure:
Select quantize quarter note and enter, position moves to
Select quantize half note and enter, position moves to
That’s the problem – you’d expect it to move to

In 4/4 time, you’d expect that after entering a quarter note and half note, your next note should enter on the 4th beat, but with is issue it enters on the third beat.


I realized I see the same strange behavior using the right-arrow key to step instead of entering a note on the midi keyboard:

New measure, mouse time position:
Select quantize quarter note and step: (the difference of a quarter note as you’d expect)
Select quantize half note and step: (the difference of a quarter note!)
Select quantize whole note and step: (the difference of a half note!)

  • Walt

Rereading the Pro 10 Score manual I get the sinking feeling that this is the default behavior. Quanta; I get it. But with step recording? The length of the step advanced is to the next quanta of the note value, which is not necessarily the same as the length of the value of the note displayed?

Laugh as you may, Cubase elders, but could someone who actually uses midi keyboard step recording explain their process? Enter a note, then use a combination of Quantize Preset and arrow keys to position the input cursor for the next note?

If that’s the case, I’d like to suggest a new setting that allows you link Length Quantize and Quantize Preset in a new way where the cursor advances by the length of the note value, not just to the next “note value quanta”.

This is such a simple concept I must be wrong and just missing a setting somewhere.
Thanks for listening - Walt

I struggled with the same issue, and after trying out all toolbar options one by one (don’t laugh!), it seems that setting the snap type from ‘Grid’ to ‘Grid Relative’ might solve the problem.

Exactly, it does.

If you have a question, comment or report about the Score Editor post it in the new Scoring in Cubase forum. I’ve gone ahead and moved this one.