Score Editor: "Suspend Autoscroll when editing" option

The user can’t disable the “Suspend autoscroll when editing” option in the Score Editor. Please make it available here also. Thank you.


It works the very same way as in other editors, here on my side. Could you write step by step description, please?

I think my post is very clear, but, it can’t hurt to make it even more clear, can it? Here goes nothing.

→ Key Editor.

→ Score Editor

Where is the “Suspend Auto-Scroll when Editing” option in the Score Editor?


I see, you mean this drop-down menu. This is not necessary, because there are no the other options. It is always enabled.

IN the Score Editor, just click the Auto-scroll button, to enable it.

I really don’t understand the point of your reply. How is that helping anyone?

For almost everyone in this thread English is a second language. (I’m the exception) Sometimes people use an online translator.

When topics are relevantly tagged, they become more clear. So we ask you, @alin89c to please tag your posts for clarity. (in this case, scoring and feature-request)



I’m sorry, English is not my first language.

Neither Page Scroll, nor Stationary Cursor don’t make sense in the Score Editor, because of its different approach (there is no time-line – ruler). Therefore the whole drop-down menu doesn’t make sense.

I didn’t say you wrote the replies incorectly. I’m just saying you have no point.

What about “Suspend Auto-Scroll when Editing”, huh? Is this also something that it doesn’t make any sense?


It doesn’t make any sense to keep this disabled. And you can enable it in the Score Editor the way I described.

@Martin.Jirsak Martin he is referring to this behavior:

And @alin89c
Maybe you don’t know but Martin is one the most valuable person in the Cubase community, not to say the most.
So I think he deserves a little more respect and consideration. Don’t you think? :wink:

Regarding your request, yes, absolutely, this is annoying for me also.
So +1 :+1:


Valuable or not, he didn’t understand anything of what I have said (sorry, Martin).

Thanks, Martin. You’re of such great help. I wonder why didn’t I think of this. Maybe I’m just stupid (please excuse my irony).


Thank you very much, @Maestro, now I got it. :exploding_head: The problem is, the Score Editor switches to the Suspend mode, even if you just click to the empty place (actually whenever you click to).

Now I agree with the FR. +1 from me too.

No need for this. I respect everyones expression. At the other hand, of course, it’s easier to communicate nice and polite way, for every one.

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No sorry needed, I really didn’t understand it. After a great explanation, I’m able to understand, now. So it’s definitely on my side only. Thank you @Maestro, again.

Sorry, but I don’t know, how experienced user you are. Very often I provide totally obvious advice (from my point of view) and this is exactly what the users are looking for.

This behavior is the same everywhere. Not only in the Score Editor.

Finally. :relieved:

  1. It’s “everyone’s” (not “everyones”).
  2. It’s “on the other hand” (not “at the other hand”)
    Sorry, but I just can’t help myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t asking for any advice. This is just a request. I’m glad though that you understood it.


Thank you for this, I’m always happy to learn something new. :bowing_man:

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