Score Editor - Symbols to sound

Hello Score Editors

I´d like to know if its possible to affect the way notes sound by adding articulation or other symbols on the score? For instance:


How do yo do it?

I found the expression maps. I think I´m in the right direction but the manual is so dense…

Can anyone provide a clear list of steps to get this thing working?

Why doesnt Cubase come with Expression maps? Do I have to create them from scratch?


Well, I spent a few hours figuring it out from the manual. So I will leave this here and slowly back away.

  1. Articulations = Expression Maps
  2. Expression maps can modify: Lenght, Velocity, and also send controller messages or MIDI notes to activate articulation soundbanks from the instrument’s preset. THE INSTRUMENT MUST HAVE THIS CAPABILITY IN ORDER TO REACT TO EXPRESSION MAP CONTROL MESSAGES OR MIDI NOTES.
  3. To test it out, search for presets with the letters “VX” in Halion Sonic SE
  4. The Dynamics Mapping section in the symbols inspector of the Score Editor allows to control velocity or volume automatically
  5. You can download Expression Maps in here. There are several sources depending on the instrument you´re using. If you´re using Steinberg Instruments, try the Steinberg category on this link:
  6. To load expression maps: access any MIDI editor (key editor works for me), go to the Inspector, open the Expression Map tab, clic on “No map” and select Expression Map Setup. Clic on LOAD and select your downloaded map. Maybe its a bug, maybe its my Cubase 9 version, but I cant access this setup from the Score Editor. Who knows.
  7. To add mapped symbols to your score, go to the symbol inspector, select the symbol and clic on the note. Maped symbols have a light blue color to distinct themselves from regular “graphical only- non sounding” symbols. Same thing with mapped dynamics, but they look pink.
  8. If you want stacatto, you have to create an expression map. Go to user manual under “expression maps” to find out how. This chapter is not located on the Score Editor section of the manual.

Score editor has very shortcomings. It seems most people are getting addicted to samples and don’t want to score anymore. What are your success?