score editor: undo dragging bar line not instantly visible

-start with a new project or use an old one, doesn´t matter
-create a midi track or use an already present one
-create a midi event or use an already present one
-select it and open score editor in page view
-drag one bar line siedways
-hit ctrl+Z to undo it
→ nothing happens - but in the undo list this step is greyed out

-close the score editor and reopen it
→ the bar line dragging now is undone!

conclusion: to actually see the undo of dragging a bar line you have to reopen the score editor.

Cubase Pro 8.05, Windows 7 SP1

If, instead of closing and re-opening the Score Editor you hit the Update command can you see the change?

yes, that works!

Yeah, I’ve complained about this- there seem to be more cases since 7.0 where the window does not automatically redraw, so one has to be hitting the update command more often.