score editor view causing incorrect MIDI export

I have many tied whole note chords (a long line in the MIDI key editor)
in the score editor they all show not as whole notes but as one quarter note per 4/4 measure tied to the next measure (the Q settings are at the lowest 64th note, but changing them doesn’t fix anything)
it all plays back correctly
the real problem is the following: when I export this track as a MIDI file and import it into Finale, it still shows only quarter notes
any idea why this is happening?
I have other files where this is not a problem, so something must have changed in the file I am working on, but what?
any ideas anyone?

It’s hard to say from what you described. If you could zip and post the cpr it might be quick to figure out. (unless someone else might have already!)

Most likely you have a stray quarter note or notes…

here’s an excerpt from the project
if you could take a look I’d be grateful
thanks (52 KB)

…it’s in 1/4 time. :smiley:

so it is … brilliant! (of you)
stupid … (of me) - don’t know how that happened, must have clciked on the time signature somewhere/-how

Yeah! I am as at least as smart as a 5th grader who listened during general music class. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: