Score editor. Why does bar 9 show no notes?

In the screenshot supplied the MIDI editor clearly has bar 9 with 4 MIDI notes.

Why does this not display in the Score editor ?

I can’t see any reason from the pic, they should display unless they’re hidden.

Can you shoot another screenshot with all the display filters activated? (Bar Handles; Hidden Notes…)


will try

Hmm - can you describe how to do this? is it all the check boxes above the score area?

ie - “bar handles” “hidden notes” “hide” “quantise” … “share beams” all checked?

if so

Yes, exactly.

You have hidden the object in bar 9, and also you switched that bar to Bar Repeat display.

I sugeest you switch each filter on and off to see how they change the display, and though people are loath to hear it, have a read of the Cubase Score Layout and Printing Manual