Score editor won't display notes in real time, as I record

Is there a preference (never needed before) to enable immediate viewing of recorded notes in score editor? Very tedious and time-consuming to have to go select newly recorded lanes and then glue into the rest of the part .


I’m not with Cubase right now.

You can do so. Open the ScoreEditor and enable “Record on Editor” (the 2nd button in the toolbar of the Editor). Cubase will Record new MIDI Data directly to this MIDI event. And that’s the point. Otherwise a new event is created and there is no editor open for this event.

I appreciate your help. Is that a new button, or was it automatically activated in the previous versions? I’m sure I never had to use it before to view the recorded notes. I’m quite disappointed with the over-amount of clicking required by the newly-designed ‘help’ section; and it would be nice to see a list of every change that has been made in the new version. Thanks again.