Score editor

Hi everybody

Is it possible to change the size of the note on the staff (because my eyes are too old) !
Thanks for your help

Hi and welcome,

In the upper-right corner of the “paper” part, click to the arrow. Here, you can Zoom In/Out the whole score. So not just the size of the note is bigger, but the whole score.

But to be honest, I haven’t found, how to change just the note head size.

It’s complicated, but possible.

Are you sure? This makes the beam bigger in my Cubase, not the Note head.

I’m sure the OP just wanted to zoom in, so your answer was the right one!

As far as my post, it’s the entire staff that is larger, all elements. Then, removing space (-1) makes the space between the staff lines smaller, so it appears that the notes are larger. But they’re not. The staff is smaller.