score example problem

dorico example.png
conductors score example.png

Try entering the 5/4 time signature as [2+3]/4 in the Popover, to show the beat grouping you want. (Note the square brackets )

If that doesn’t work, you can switch on “force duration” (shortcut L, or click the “G-clamp” icon) and re-enter the tied quarter notes as a half note.

I think this is the easiest way to do it

  1. Select the meter
  2. Hit Shift+m
  3. Write [2+3]/4
  4. Hit enter

If you want the next bar to be 3+2, you can add a meter with [3+2]/4, and hide it in the property panel.

Another way to achieve your result is by activating Force Duration (O) before inputing the music, and it should be displayed exactly as you input it. Force duration does not apply to already written music