Score Form - Arranger Mode issues

Hello friends,
Regarding the Score Editor.
I´m struggling with arranger mode. The user manual explains it very poorly. I´d like to know how to:

  1. Create “to segno” jumps more than once and from/to different places in the score.
  2. Use Volta endings for 3rd, 4th, etc repetitions of the same range

If you could provide a music XML export, it would be awesome, so I could see a working example.

For instance, I´d like to emulate the following “arranger chain”, where every letter is a range of bars. I would like to write the score for every letter only once in the score. How would you do it?

intro |A | B | A | C | D | A | B | A | C || ->to segno->

Segno: | E || -> Da Capo al coda

Coda: | F || Fine

The problem is, that I used Volta1 at B and Volta2 at C and the ABAC pattern doesnt repeat the second time around. Instead of ABAC ABAC, it does ABAC ABC. Here’s the test I created:

Thanks a lot!

You need more segments in your Arranger Track.
See attached picture.
Also attached the project file.

Good luck! (17.1 KB)

Thanks Maestro!

I thought it would be possible to somehow achieve the same result exclusively via Arranger Mode and without resorting to the arranger track.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible for this specific example.
And sorry, I misread your first post, I thought you were trying to achieve this using the Arranger Track.
What happens with the Arranger Mode in the Score Editor is that it executes repeat signs only once! So when it returns the second time it considers them as already done, and doesn’t play them back again.
Anyway, as there is currently no jump function for To Coda or To Segno, your example wouldn’t totally work using exclusively the Arranger Mode.
At least I didn’t find a trick … for the moment!

Ok, thanks for the information.

I think that as a part of Cubase, the Score Editor should be used in conjunction with all other sequencing tools. Arranger mode shouldnt even exist, in my opinion.

Thanks for your help!!

This is precisely one of the biggest strength of Cubase Score over dedicated scoring programs: its integration with Cubase :wink:

(even if I would have preferred the Arranger Mode be able to execute any possible combination on its own without leaving the score)

I hear ya!! :smiley:

The expression map possibilities for articulations allow sound options well beyond what the Finales out there have to offer. Am i right?