SCORE - how to "replace" empty bars with numbers?


Sorry I can’t find how to have to have empty bars in a score summed up in one sigle bar and a number saying how many bars this is.

you see what I mean ?

Um, you would end up with one bar… not several bars “tied together.” It would look like one empty bar, and the rest would be deleted. Because a score is not a clip. It is a score, meant to be printed out and read by a musician. If you erased all divisions between bars and then added a number to represent that, no one would know how to read that, because that is not standard practice. Also, what if your empty bars, are only empty for certain instruments, and not others? That could cause confusion.

No it’s totally a standard notation for solo instruments. Look it up it’s used everywhere . Of course not orchestral part.

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found it !
Score Settings Dialog
Score Settings – Layout Tab
● Multi-Bar Rests
Allows you to set how many empty bars are allowed before rests that last longer
than a bar are replaced with a multi-bar rest symbol.


Well we both learned something. Cool.