score improvements from 4 to 6?

Can anyone point me to a list of (hopefully) score updates from C4 to C6?

And I am bit confused about C6’s requirements- that is, will it run on 10.5.xx with at least a dual Processor G5?


Aloha azureblue

The minimum system requirements state the minimal specification
your computer must have to be able to use the software.
Mac OS X Version 10.6*
Intel dual core CPU


I need to see if the scoring has been improved enough to justify getting an Intel Mac…

There is another thread about the G5 leopard/C6 thang.
Let’s hope someone answers it in the positive.

If it will not work, looks like you will have to move to an intel mac to use C6.

But maybe not.

OTOH even if it does work; how much juice will the G5 provide?
Core 2 Duo or i3/5/7 chips are much more powerful than those old ppc chips.

yeah, but how much faster can I make a score with an Intel chip Mac? :slight_smile:

I hung back waiting to see if the scoring was better on C5, but never got a complete answer to that, so here it is C6, and I’ll probably not get an answer. So far, I haven’t…

You did ask two questions. Here is some info on the second.

Just got this post from weasel:

As far as the first (scoring improvments) perhaps someone else will chime in.
I use Sebelius for scoring.