Score in C: parts with no KS

The clef and transposition override feature is great. I have used it surprisingly more often than I originally thought I would. There is one, admittedly rarer, sub-feature that could be added however, and it involves scores in C.

In some tonal 20th century writing – Prokofiev being a prime example – a full orchestral score could be presented in C and include key signatures for all instruments including trumpets and horns. However, individual parts for these brass instruments would be published without key signatures. This makes the score more consistently “In C” and easy to read, while keeping the historical practice of adding accidentals in transposable brass parts in lieu of key signatures. Since Dorico understands the presence or absence of key signatures as two separate instruments, this currently cannot be achieved without duplicating instruments; but it could perhaps, if ever implemented, live in that “clef and transposition override” dialog box. This is of course only required for historical reproduction since contemporary practice allows key signatures in both trumpet and horn parts; but I still thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask.

@claude_g_lapalme hello,
Still in Europe the most common practice is to write without Key Signatures for trumpets and horns, even in contemporary music. The usage of key signatures only makes the life of the composer/orchestrator easier but for the performance it is very unnatural and difficult for those musicians who play these instruments.
The Concert Pitch (Score in C) is also a feature created for lazy people who don’t want to use their heads to transpose for every instrument. If one would like to be as good as Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mahler, Bruckner, Ravel, Richard Strauss, Wagner, Saint-Saens… he/she should be able to do the whole work in the hard way… (Only Transposed Pitch, and no Key Signatures for trumpets and horns - these are the most basic things). Actually practicing instrument transposition is very good brain game and keeps the knowledge about the intervals in shape. :slight_smile:

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