Score issues not resolved with 7.03

Once again I am very disappointed that Steinberg has not resolved the issue of the major problem with score printing in Cubase 7. The score printing to PDF in Cubase 6.5 and also in 7.0 worked fine. All of a sudden with the subsequent updates, the process has deteriorated. Instead of a simple printing to PDF, the current version of Cubase 7 exports a humungous file that is unwieldy and unusable. Cubase claims it is an Apple OS issue, but I don’t buy that as I still have 6.5 on my same MAC and I can go back to 6.5 and print the score to PDF just fine. This is a Cubase issue and I feel that Steinberg is ignoring us score composers that rely heavily on having this process of printing a score to PDF readily available to us and working properly. Normally when you print a score of say 10 pages to PDF you should get a file around 200 to 300 kb. Currently Cubase exports that file to something like a 30 or 40 MB file! This is simply a disaster! Also, Cubase does not retain the page size setup settings like it use to in earlier versions.

Please, please, please fix this. It would be so appreciated. The XML export is working fine. It’s the printing to PDF that needs to be fixed.

Lee Holdridge