Score Issues

Hello, I am a Cubase score editor, advanced user.
I am writing for full orchestra including full scores and parts.

  1. I noticed some problems when I am opening Cubase 8.5 projects into Cubase 9. I think Cubase 9 changes enharmonic some notes automatically. This is really strange because in Cubase 8.5 the score looks ok.

  2. Also, I can see the chords track in Score Editor only if I swich the display to page mode. If I swich off the page mode, the chords disappear from Score Editor.

  3. A problem wich I found also in older versions is that when I select some notes (for example a grand piano staff) , I right-click on my mouse and there is an option (very usefull one) “display in staff” and I select the staff I want. It only works momentary and after very little timp cubase crashes ( “A serious problem has occurred. Please try to save yourproject…”)
    This happens also in Cubase 7,8,9…

Please help me with these issues.
Thank you very much.