Score jumps around when editing

Is it just in my current project, or does anyone else experience intermittent display jumps when editing cues in a multi-flow project? Sometimes it’s fine and other times I can end up many flows away from where I was.

Mark, my experience is, if you have something selected (and forget about it), then move to another place in the score, or to a different flow even, and try to start editing something, the score view will jump back to the place you made your last selection. Is this what you are experiencing?

I’m aware of that, and this isn’t it.
I’ve just added a cue to the beginning of a flow after selecting the first note of said flow and the score jumped back to the end of the previous cue (of that instrument) which was 5 flows away. Deleting and recreating the cue didn’t replicate the issue. I’ll see if I can screen record the problem – unfortunately it’s intermittent … I’m sure it’s probably user error, but I’m stumped if I know!

Mark, with cue you mean cue the way Dorico uses it=hint of notes from another instrument playing at the same time (to enable an easy entry)? i.e. Shift+U
English is not my mother tongue and some people use cue in a different meaning …

Yes, Shift+U.

More work this morning makes me think this might be a problem with this specific project… I changed the note length of a note with figured bass (not used as a cue) and the same happened. Annoyingly I hadn’t got the screen record on!

Ah well, c’est la vie!