Score Key Command Problem

Not being a very good musician, I am trying to enter some score notes in step time with the mouse. To speed things up I have re-assigned the numbers 1,2,3,4 to Note Lengths in the Score Key command setup menu, so 1=whole note, 2=half note, 3=quarter note etc. this has made entering notes much faster.

The problem is, if I need a triple or dotted note I click the ‘T’ or ‘period’ icon in the extended toolbar and it works fine, so for example if I select 3 for a quarter note, then press the period (dot) icon, only the Length will change to a quarter dotted - great exactly what I want. However to speed things up I have assigned the ‘T’ key to Triple and the ‘Period’ key to Dot.

Now if I press 3 for quarter note then Period key to make it a dotted quarter note, BOTH the Length and Quantize value change preventing me from putting the note in the correct bar position. I need to stop the Quantize value changing ?