Score layout: barline refuses to agree on double barline

At a particular point in a score layout, I want the barline in all staves to be a double barline.

I select the barline, open the barline tool and click on the double barline icon. Some instruments retain the double barline that I have already selected, but the single barline staves remain stubbornly single barline. Possibly of note is that when selecting the prevailing double barline, the single barline staves are not selected, they have to be manually joined to the selection.

Some particular conditions encircle that barline. I have no idea on what there significance might or might not be.

  1. At the barline, there is a key change.

  2. At the barline in the immediately preceding bar, there is a meter change in some of the staves. Mostly, it is in these staves the barline in question refuses to turn double.

  3. That meter change is reversed at the problematic barline (that, mind you, has the key change also), and hidden in the staves concerned, so to appear that the meter continues to be the one from the preceding bar.

I realise this is a very complicated attempt at explanation. It’s the best I can manage!

Maybe the attached screenshot will reveal something interesting?

Thanks for reading.

Just wondering… Have you input independent key signatures or independent time signatures (bars are part of time signatures in Dorico)? Judging by the picture, it should not be necessary (transposed view with the accurate instruments should suffice to have all the right key signatures). The behavior you describe leads me to that conclusion.
Unless you send the real project, I won’t go further in this analysis :wink:

Yes, independent time signatures, obtained by using the meter popover and pressing the alt key when entering, so the time signature change only applies to the selected stave.

The key signatures, including changes, are for the entire score.

I would be grateful if you would have a look at the score using the file. But it is to large to attach to this post.

Play mode—Play menu—Playback Template—Silence. That’ll make it smaller. Then zip it before posting.

The file ends up at 10,4 MB and is too large to attach. Any ideas? I’d really appreciate if someone somehow would take of their time to look into it.

Did you change the Playback Template to Silence?

If the file is still 10Mb with Silence (which is possible, for a big project) you could probably delete a lot of it and still reproduce the problem. For example you only need a few bars either side of the bar 225 in your picture.

Finally I think I managed. In this file, which is a short snippet of the five hundred + bars single flow project, the barline in question is the one at bar 21 (originally 227).

(In this section of the original project, the bars before are messed up. But around the bar in question, things seem to be the same as in the original file.)

Thanks in advance.
Midvinter (1.61 MB)

Hi Runter!
Not sure if there’s a better solution, but selecting each “normal” single barline (in the staves where local Time signatures have been added before), invoking shift-B popover, || and alt-enter does work. Granted, it’s not really fast, as you have to do that operation six times IIRC, but the result is perfect.
Hope this helps

If you show the signposts in your project, you’ll see you have a bunch of local time signatures at the start of bar 22. Select the normal barline on each of the staves where the double barline isn’t showing and delete that normal barline. You might have to delete more than once before the double barline will be revealed. (You do have to delete the barline and not the signpost.)

You wonderful guys and lifesavers. I can report back that both methods work. Thank you!