Score layout question

I’ve been using Cubase for so long it is embarrassing that I need to ask this, but whatever.

I have to create lead sheets for copyright submissions (mandatory in Turkey, apparently).

Q: How do you stop the chord track and the marker track from being on top of each other in the score layout?

Not such a dumb question :wink:… there’s no “automatic” way. You’ll have to drag them manually.
In order to avoid conflicts while moving the events, do this…
Temporarily disable “Show Chord Track”, from the Scores menu >Adavanced Layout.
If you have several markers, Shift+double-click on the first one (to select them all), then drag the selection higher (either with the Hand tool, or, as I prefer, by using key commands for the four Graphic Nudge functions).
You can now reactivate “Show Chord Track”.
Of course, if you’d prefer to keep the Markers in place, and lower the Chord symbols, you now know how to do that too :wink:.

Aloha and
thanks for that info/tip vic.

Always learning something from you. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’m glad it was moderately tricky, now I don’t feel so dumb. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your expert input Vic.