Score Layout several instruments

When printing music for several different instruments I would like them all to have the same layout so that one simply can tell the players to start playing from line 4 or from the third bar of line 7.
There must be a faster way than with trial and error. I seem to recall that around Cubase SX and before there was a command in the Layout page where one could copy not just the Form but also copy the Layout between different instruments.
Now there is only Get Form and before there was also Get Layout.

What’s the easiest way of achieving a uniform layout for several instruments?

Also missing the Get Layout-option.
Found any workaround?

Yes, that was more convenient than now. Instead, Export the desired Layout, then you can re_import it to the Layout that is currently active.

Oh, sounds really good! :slight_smile:
Have to hurry home to try it out.
Many thanks!