Score Locking

I have 2 questions regarding scores:

  1. How do I lock the score, as you can for midi and audio tracks, so that they cannot be changed without unlocking them? I have observed that the scores can be unstable in Page Mode, even after saving.
  2. What is the best professional-as-possible format to export scores in to other musicians?
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


You can lock the MIDI Part to prevent any unwanted edits.

The best is to export as PDF.

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What kind of instability did you observe in the Score Editor?

Thanks for replying Martin.

Hi Maestro,
These are the instabilities I have observed:

  1. Text inserted into the score (in Page Mode) from ‘Other’ from the ‘Symbols’ menu, from the ‘Text’ or ‘…’ options can completely disappear (not always) after shut down. So, some text does not reappear when the project is next opened, despite being saved from the last session.
    That’s why I was asking the forum if there is a ‘Lock Score’ option.

  2. If the staves or bar numbers per stave are altered, some (not all) text becomes out of alignment.

This will depend upon which layer the elements are in. Are you fluent in Project, Note and Layout layers?

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No, not fluent.
A novice grasp but getting better with the help of the forum.

I’ll submit it’s not the most obvious functionality, but if you use the guidance in the manual link I pasted above you grasp the idea.

Then, if something moves unexpectedly, you’ll have at least an understanding what’s going on, or not.

Thanks Steve. I’ll spend more time studying this link and the other links it leads to.:musical_score:

Great, we’ll be able to talk in the Cubase dialect then!