Score Major Savings.....! But not Dorico

Tag line started with SCORE, thought it was my reduced upgrade to D5! but I guess I’ll have to wait for that.
Note to Steinberg Marketing dept: please don’t do that…I’m a sensitive creature :innocent: :rofl:

By leaving it so late in the release cycle, you’re getting the least value out of it.

And don’t forget that (presumably) Dorico 6 will be released at some point this year.

or my glass is half-full and I’m getting extended value from D4…

@Dr_Scardo, you’ve already missed an opportunity to buy a Dorico 5 update at a reduced cost. We ran a promotion over the Christmas/New Year period, and if you’re opted in to our newsletters, you would have received at least one or two emails about it. There won’t be another chance to buy the update at a discount for quite a few more months, I’m afraid.

Thanks @dspreadbury - yes I knew about that, it just wasn’t a priority to upgrade at that time as D4 still doing everything I need for now. And Christmas tends to drain the wallet quite well enough on its own without giving presents to myself!

I’m afraid we don’t typically run sales promotions for the same product very often, and certainly not within a month or so of each other, so as I indicated in my previous reply, it’ll be some more months before there’s another chance to buy a Dorico 5 update at a discount.

There are a ton of features that make Note Entry quicker and easier, such as ‘intelligent’ handling of selections for popovers; more Engraving Options to support various types/styles of notation; improvements to divisi handling, cues, instrument changes, lyrics, text, lines, MusicXML; plus the Instrument Editors and Custom Page Editor; the Undo History; to say nothing of Audio scrubbing, playback of fermatas etc, humanization, and a new instrument library and music fonts thrown in.

Whatever you do with Dorico, I’d be very surprised if you can’t find several things that would be beneficial or useful to the tune of €99.

It’s well worth reading the Version History, looking at the ‘improvements’ as well as the headline features.