Score - MIDI Export Bug?

Anyone else seen this?

In a current project I’m working on, whenever I add scoring details to a MIDI track (i.e. I add text, dynamics, note markings etc.), and then try to export the MIDI I get a corrupt MIDI file with ‘bad headers’.

My workaround is to copy and paste all the MIDI notes into new tracks, so that all the score stuff is stripped out, then it works.

Are you re-importing into Cubase, or into a different DAW?
What happens with a MIDI file exported from another Project (that also contains Score data)?
The simple testing I have done here, re-imports o.k. back into Cubase, and also into DP7 (the score data isn’t part of the MIDI File data).

The problem is the same whether it’s re-importing back to Cubase or into Pro Tools, or even playing back in a media player. The file is obviously corrupt. The problem repeats on any new MIDI track I create and add score data, within this particular project.


I’m using 6.0.0 so maybe this has been fixed in 6.0.1. Also, I haven’t tested this in a new project, so it could be that the current project has become corrupted in some way.

I can’t reproduce it here either (I’m on 6.01 though), I have exported a midi part that had a lot of score data in it and I could re-import it just fine into a new project (of course without the score data).

I as well found it to work as expected…

Another detail:

Sorry I said MIDI track, but it was MIDI data on an Instrument Track

Still works. Why are you not updated to 6.0.1?


Aha. I updated to 6.0.1 and the problem is fixed. The same tracks now export MIDI with no problem.

I didn’t update to 6.0.1 because it wasn’t supported so I thought unless I had any problem I should wait until a supported release.

But I did have a problem, and now it’s fixed.


Thanks for checking this !