Score not updating

I’ve added a couple of bars to the end of a midi piece, and for some reason they are not showing up in the score. I’ve tried UPD, which I’m sure used to work. Any ideas?

Is the added MIDI part separate from the other one? Is it selected?

There’s only one MIDI part and it is selected, and the left/right cursors encompass the whole lot.

I am unable to reproduce this.
Maybe you can remove all notes and plugins and share your project with us.

I got round the problem by copying the MIDI track to a new MIDI track and deleting the original. After more tests on this new track, it appears you can add notes to the MIDI and they will appear in the score, but if you extend the MIDI part and try to add notes in the extended part they won’t appear in the score. It seems like the original score length is being remembered and any notes in the lengthened part are being ignored (they play but do not appear in the score). If other people are not seeing this, then I wonder if I’ve set some parameter by mistake somewhere to limit the length.

This is definitely not happening on my system, nor on TheMaestro’s. and there are no other posts or reports saying his is happening. There’s no pref that can limit the length of a midi part. If the part is selected, it can be edited in all the midi editors.

If you post a precise sequence of steps to reproduce we might get to the bottom of what’s actually going on.

I did this sequence:

New project, New midi track
create midi part 4 bars long in the project view. Select it.
Open score editor and insert some notes.
Back in the project view, change the length of the midi part from 4 bars to 8 bars. Keep it selected.
Return to the score editor (or any editor) and observe the length
insert some notes in bars 5, 6, 7, and 8

Here, everything worked as it should, all notes and bars present and accounted for.

I’ve attached a stripped-down project which shows the behaviour, also a screenshot.

In fact the CPR project is not attached. It said that CPR is an invalid extension. How do I upload it?

Regards, Richard.

Please zip your cpr project file, or simply rename its extension to zip, and attach.

Zipped CPR file attached. (212 KB)

The problem is the staff set to Polyphonic, using channels 1 and 2, but all the notes are on channel 15.

Thanks. I see that merely clicking Apply in Polyphonic settings causes the “missing” notes to reveal themselves, which I don’t understand. Why should Apply be active when I haven’t actually changed anything? Where do you see channel 15? The Polyphonic settings mention just channels 1 & 2. I’m getting confused between voices and channels.

I’m having the documentation printed out so I can hopefully understand it all more easily.

The NOTES were on Channel 15, and the polyphonic settings were set to channel 1 and 2.

The gist of it is that for music notation, voicing is determined by the channel the note is on. If you have poly turned on, only notes on the channels the configured in the polyphonic setup will be displayed. This is very useful (to me anyway) in ways that aren’t obvious at first. For example, notes can be hidden using this. When the notes a channelized, you then also have access to that parameter in the filter section (upper pane) of the Logical Editor.

If you have polyphonic voicing turned on, it’s expected that you have multiple voices on a staff, so if you don’t, turning it off would be a good idea.