Score notation pitch

Why does the score show the instruments all in the same key signature instead of each instrument’s key signature as it is on the instrument view?
Is there an option to change this?

If you want to change the transposition of the layout you’re looking at, choose Edit > Transposing Pitch or Edit > Concert Pitch.

Thanks for this. I also was able to find this option. I think I have the main things straightened out and look forward to getting to work now.

Hi Daniel.
I am new to Dorico 3.
Thanks for showing how to switch from concert pitch to transposing pitch.
However, after I’ve done it, the key signatures didn’t change (for example, clarinet in Bb should change to 2 sharps). How do I do that at once for all staves in the score and for all parts?
Also, is there a way to change all the instrument name fonts at the score and parts at once? I could find how to change the font to each one, but there might be a way to change everything at once.

Welcome to the forum.
Dorico projects are set up by default with no key signature (and transposing instruments will therefore not have a key signature as well).
Make sure you add a key signature at the first bar (e.g. ‘C’, for c major).

If you did, make sure you did not pick ‘Clarinet (no key signature)’ as the instrument (in Setup mode).