Score note editing overlay question

I’m having some problems with note editing overlay.
I’m doing a piano score and I want bass note to be held (1/2) while notes above are 8thTriplets.
But using the note editing overlay I can’t do it. Also… using this tool 80% of the time I clic a note on a bar and it’s the other bar nearby that
is affected. Seems super random and hard to use.

score overlay
Advice ?

Is this what you do?

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oh looks nice. Exactly what I want
With your vido I understood that :
1- You have to be in polyphonic mode (not piano)
2- doing tests I realise you have to manually move the popup overlay window (MDVSL) to go where you want to edit !! I assumed it would automaticaly follow the bar where your note is selected… or am I doing something wrong ?
really helps thanks

1- Yes
2- No. The overlay just follows your mouse, without the need of clicking or selecting any note.

ah… then I have a problem (another :sweat:)

So? What’s your problem now?

that overlay window not following my mouse. I have to do it manually.

Ok, this is a feature. Just turn off the “L” (lock) option in the overlay.

thanks. Looks like I really had a lot to learn with the overlay. All is working fine thx for help.