Score->Open Selection question

I tend to write songs with many sections and then I want to export the notation for individual sections/parts. Is it possible to open a midi clip somewhere in the middle of a song and open only that part in the notation? When I use Score->Open Selection, it opens the whole piece and shows rests for hundreds of bars and then just the notes for the selected part. Thanks.

Preferences>Scores>Editing>Unlock Layout when editing single parts

But, be aware of this possible situation…
Let’s say you have a MIDI track with several Parts on it, and you have already opened the ensemble of all Parts in the Score Editor, and done some work on the Layout Layer (e.g. number of bars, spacings, etc.).
If, having closed the Editor, you now open just a single Part, you will lose the Layout settings you made for that MIDI track.
If that is a likely situation, then copy the desired individual Part down onto its own MIDI track (so that the original will not be disturbed).