Score order for created kit

I created a kit (actually a set of toms), and it thinks it’s a flute. It keeps popping up to between the piccolo and flute 1. Assuming this isn’t expected behaviour, is there a way to change its score order so that it defaults to the percussion section? (I use it fairly frequently, so a per-project solution is second best).

Have you tried dragging the player to where you want it in Setup Mode?

Yes. And succeeded, but only until I make another change to the orchestration, when it goes back to the flutes.

Want to upload the project?

I don’t have my computer handy but it sounds like you need to turn on manual score ordering in Setup mode. The appropriate button is at the bottom of the left hand panel in Setup mode.

Edit: Go to the button labelled with a downward-pointing arrow and three lines. This selects the instrument ordering that will be applied automatically. The choices are None, Orchestral and Band. Selecting “None” will leave you in control of the ordering—to move an instrument’s position, click its name in the left panel and slide it up or down as you like.