Score / overwriting staff split for single notes?


I like to do something as shown in the attached screenshot. The piano staff is split at C3, so technically score is right to put the note in the bass staff, as far as I understood the concept of score so far. But what I try to achive is that the note remains in the treble staff, even though it’s pitch is below C3. Is that possible in score? I can’t find that information in the manual.

Thanks for help.

You need to change the Staff mode from “Split” to Polyphonic". To use it in its simplest form, select the preset “Variable Split”, then just change the desired notes over to the other voice (this will appear in the context menu as either “Voice 1” or “Voice 5”, because 4 voices are available per staff, although three of them are not activated.)

Thanks vic_france,

sometimes it is really frustating to be a beginner :unamused:
I got the idea of split, now I need to understand polyphony.
But even without understanding it at the moment, it worked. :smiley:

… and you are only talking about Cubase… Imagine how a new-born baby must feel on the subject! :mrgreen:

You can read up on Polyphonic Voicing on page 594 of the Operation Manual.pdf.