Score: page numbers stop display mid way through

I’m using page text to put page numbers on each page of a score. Normally this works fine. However, on my current project it stops displaying the numbers mid-way through. As you can see in the attached images it is shown fine up to page 13 (which also shows the setup), then on page 14 and beyond no numbers are displayed. I’ve tried deleting the text and re-inserting it but still get the same results. I’ve also tried adding other page text to all the pages and nothing shows up after page 13. I thought maybe it was there but Cubase wasn’t showing it right - but neither printing it out or closing and reopening Cubase fixed it.

(I haven’t the faintest idea!.. but)…
Do you get the same error with a different Score Layout (e.g. the piano track by itself)? Or, if you try (as a test) inserting the Page Text to the Project Layer rather than the Layout Layer?
Have you checked to see if it works if you choose a position other than bottom left?
As a further test, try adding a few (empty?) bars to the score.

Good ideas Vic. I did figure out a workaround and as I’ve only run into this once, it’s not worth too much detective work unless in reappears.

While trying to figure out what was happening I added some page test to all pages but clicked on the last page to open the dialog box. This had the effect on only putting it on the last page. I deleted and then tried a couple pages before the last, which put the text on that and all subsequent pages, but none earlier. So the workaround was to insert a new page text for page numbers starting on the first page that was missing them. That added them through to the end.

Glad you found the solution :slight_smile:
But the following (from your original post) still remains a mystery?..

I’ve also tried adding other page text to all the pages and nothing shows up after page 13

What happens if you delete that original Page Text then replace it?

Oh the same thing. I deleted and replaced it several times when I first saw it. My guess is that the layout data is somehow messed up - but of course adding page numbers was the last thing I did after tweaking lots of stuff. So I wasn’t willing to delete it and start over to find out.