Score/Part advice needed

In an opera score I’m working on, there are several sections which contain only recitatives with piano. These all have changing time signatures which have been hidden. The score is set up to show all instruments at all times but to allow hiding of the vocal and piano staves. I wanted to avoid having to add text to the instrumental staves to keep them from being hidden, as this would break multi-bar rests. The result of this is twofold: the recits all take up a whole page of empty instrumental staves and the parts all have whole sections of single bar rests which aren’t notated as multi-bar rests due to the changing time signatures. What is the best way of hiding the instrumental staves during the recits (without having to turn on hiding and unhide everything manually) and hiding the recits in the parts?

Would you consider using separate flows for the recits?
You’d likely need to do some manual work for cautionary key/time signatures, use (or disuse) of Flow Headers, and potentially create some dummy flows that appear in the parts and not the score (more on that story later), but that’s probably the approach I’d take.

I’m separating the recits into flows. I can do without the cautionaries and I can turn off the flow headers, so that’s not a problem. Having full names at the beginning of the new flows is not ideal. Still, most important, how do I exclude all the instruments from the recits in the score and all the recits from the parts (with a tacet)?

Create a System Break at the start of the flow. Then select the System Break and fiddle with the Staff Labels property (I’m getting a slight feeling of déjà vu here!)

The first half of this is really easy. The second half’s a pig.

  1. Select the recit flows in Setup mode and untick the players you don’t need. This will exclude those players from those flows, in the score.

2: Fix the resulting chaos in the parts! By default, I don’t think you’ll even get a Tacet marking in the parts. You could turn on Layout Options > Players > “Show tacet for flows where no players are assigned”, but that will only give you “Tacet” text in the parts, not multi-bar rests.

My suggestion is that for each recit you create a dummy flow that appears in the parts but not the score, that copies the structure of the actual recit (i.e. key signature, tempo indication, rehearsal marks, bar numbers etc.). The easiest way to do that is probably to select each recit flow in Setup mode, right-click and Duplicate Flow, then include all of the players except for Piano and Singer(s).

Are you with me so far?

Working at it. Didn’t know about the staff labels being coupled to a system break in the properties panel. Who’d have thought? It’s hard to find these things in the manual.

I reduced the second flow with the first recit to show only the vocal staves and the piano. Indeed easy. In Layout Options I’d reduced the vertical distance between systems because that looked better in the parts. With the recit this pushes the systems way too close together. It’s impossible to have a different vertical distance between the systems in the score and in the parts, isn’t it? I’ll probably have to do this manually in Engrave Mode, right?

For this opera I think I can do without showing the instrumentalists the exact structure of the recits, so Tacet should be enough. How do I edit its position and appearance?


Sorry - I’m tired and obviously forgot who I’d instructed re: staff labels in the past 24 hours - it was somebody else!

Layout Options are layout specific. Of course you can set different distances for the score and parts. In fact, you can have different distances for each part, if you so wish - just be careful which layouts you’re selecting in the right panel of Layout Options.

For the Tacets, I don’t know that you’ve got enough control without going through the process of inserting dummy flows. All the options are within Engraving Options > Tacet.
You might be able to get away with setting Layout Options (for the parts) to show Flow Headings. If so, you’ll likely want to edit the Default Flow Header so that it doesn’t contain a flow number.
(Just delete the bit that’s selected in blue, here)

I’m sorry to hear you struggled to find this - may I ask what you searched for/where you looked? It might help me add keywords to make it easier to find in future. (This is the topic in the manual for changing the length of staff labels at system/frame breaks :slight_smile: )

Sorry, I was looking in the wrong place. It’s described clearly in the manual.

I just realised that it was also a matter of being in Engrave Mode instead of Write Mode. In the latter, those options aren’t available.

Brilliant, thanks! :thumbs_up: