Score Printing Missing Note Heads

As above, when I print a score I get the staff, barlines, note tails - but no note heads of clefs. I know this used to work but for some unknown reason it doesn’t any more. I have tried reinstalling printer drivers. Any help appreciated.

Should there have been an image attached to the post?

As Steve says an image is helpful. You may want to select all the notes and force the color to black or some other non-white color as explained here.

The only image would be a normal one of a Cubase score - it is only when printed to paper that the note heads go missing.

I’m no expert, but could this be a problem with musical fonts or something along those lines. I know it has been working (on this PC and printer) in the recent past, but can’t recall exactly when it stopped working.

Print your score to pdf, then make a screen capture and post the image here.
And yes, I suspect this is a font problem. Check that Steinberg Notation fonts are correctly installed on your system.

And finally please put your system specifications in your signature, it would be useful in the forums.

Printing to PDF works fine.
Is there any way to check/correct any problem with Steinberg Notation fonts?

PDF is ok?! And print on paper is not? :unamused: This would probably suggest that there is a problem with your printer indeed.
Change font in Cubase and see if there is any difference (for instance, from Classical to Legacy).
The best test would be to test with another printer, but I suppose you won’t be able to do it.

PS: to check Steinberg fonts, open a word processor (e.g. Wordpad, and check whether Steinberg fonts are in the list, or look in Windows fonts folder in your system) but I don’t think this is the problem because you say that PDF is ok.

I tried changing to legacy font, but the problem remains. Obviously I can print to PDF and then physically print from there - is it my imagination or is the result of doing this slightly more blurred than printing direct from Cubase?

Testing with another printer will be a problem for me, but I guess I do have a work around at least. Not sure what I am looking for in the list of fonts - I can’t see anything called legacy or classical, or anything with Steinberg or Cubase in the name.

Printing to pdf, I suppose with “Microsoft To PDF” in your case, may be slightly different but nothing noticeable to eyes at normal scale, and not blurry anyway.

Now we have probably identified the problem!

You definately should have in your fonts lots of Steinberg fonts:
Steinberg Notat Classical
Steinberg Notat Legacy
Steinberg Chord Symbols
Steinberg … Jazz

Try reinstalling Cubase.

Actually I have found them - not in Windows fonts but in Cubase 10.5/Fonts I assume this is where they are supposed to be.

No! install them on your system.
(double-click and install)

OK tried that - they are now installed in Windows Fonts. Thought it might be worth rebooting - but still no joy. Maybe I should go for the full Cubase reinstall after all.

You shouldn’t need to reinstall Cubase if you have correctly manually installed all the fonts, but try anyway.
Also check what font is used in Cubase (Score Settings>Project>Font Settings: Score Font (available options: Legacy, Classical, Jazz))

The Legacy, Classical and Jazz fonts seem OK, I have switched between them but still no joy when going straight to printer. To be honest going via PDF before printing is no huge obstacle, compared to the potential obstacle of reinstalling Cubase.
I tried a different project, but still the same problem. Although when loading the old project I got a message saying my trial version of Cubase was about to expire (I have never downloaded a trial version of Cubase though did download a trial of Dorico recently).
I might put off the full reinstall for the moment, but thanks for helping so far. I will let you know if a full reinstall has any impact though.