Score printing problem

I have Cubase 7 AI since I bought a Yamaha MOXF6 keyboard
I am getting this problem as I try to print a score:
It prints only one page with some systems which ends incompletely at the border of the page.
the problem seems to be related to the dimensions of the score edit window (for example, if I reduce that window in order to see only four bars I get printed only those four bars and not all the selected midi data).
See image attached.
is it a bug?
cubase printing problem.jpg

Maybe it is related to double monitor.
When I deactivate one of my twos and work with only one the problem disappear.
is it a known bug?

Nope, not a bug.

In the lower versions of Cubase (AI, LE etc) printing is limited to what you are seeing. You have to size the window to conform to the paper size.

I can’t afford to buy the complete version, but I can upgrade to Elements.
Woud I have that problem anyway?
Thanks a lot.