Score problem, tied notes

This is an area of weakness for me… but I believe in the first bar, that top note, the F that I’ve highlighted, should not appear as tied notes, but as a whole note (semi-breve). The question is, how do I tell Cubase Score to do it like that? Once I’ve figured that out, it can get properly imported into Dorico.

I know the answer is somewhere in the polyphonic voicing options. I just can’t figure it out yet from the manual.

Thanks Steve, for the suggestion. It didn’t help - it changed the way the 16th note displays, that’s all.

Turn on the other options as well- Consolidate Rests and No Overlap. I leave these on all the time and rarely need to turn them off. It makes the notation look normal to start with.

Well, I did get it work the way I wanted, with my semi-breve. I used the polyphony, selected those notes and moved them to voice 2. I don’t understand why it worked but I sure don’t want to go through a whole score like that. So I’ll do what you suggested and see what happens. Thanks so much!

It worked because those are now the only notes in the voice, so there’re no other notes that have to get out of the way. But this way of doing things will lead to problems later on if or when you add more notes to that voice.

Once you try using the controls I mentioned you’ll see how well it can work.

Thanks, Steve, you’re right. For some reason, today, when I check off “No Overlap” all looks perfect! I don’t know what yesterday’s problem was but it works now.


Out of curiosity, summergardengirl, could you please show us the final result?