Score problems

Morning (or evening, afternoon, whatever it is where you are at this point in space and time)

For some reason I’m making a written version of a piano piece. Would be easy with pen and paper, but let’s face it, the world is digital. No need to shout RTFM, I’m working on that, but there are some problems I can’t quite find the solution for. Maybe that’s just me being an idiot, which isn’t anything new. :smiley:

I write for piano. When I enter a note lower than C3, it gets printed on the lower staff, which for a pianist is the left hand. That’s fine, I can move it back up where it belongs. The problem is when I try to group all these notes, I get two beams, making it look silly and almost unreadable. How can I simply group all the notes of the phrase, make Cubase understand it’s one right hand part and make one beam for all the selected notes?

It seems if they have been on the lower staff, there’s no way to make this look good. If I insert the notes an octave up that’s obviously wrong… what do I do?

I have never done any writing digitally (or on paper for that matter), I just learned to read basic notation after years of putting it off. Take that into account please. :mrgreen:

I hope this makes any sense at all.

Search in the manual for “cross staff beaming”?

By coincidence I was just looking for this feature. Simple right click on the note(s) → Display in Staff etc. Works great. Thanks.

Score is so huge it used to have it’s own manual. You can do quite a lot with it but some basics do need hunting down. The “Score Settings” box will be what you need here which is where you set the range splits and appearance.
You will need the manual even if someone knows here a lot of the time.