Score program shows controller lane

On one of my string tracks, I’m using the controller lane to indicate articulation changes. So, I’ve got notes drawn in for B, Bflat and F. (from C0 to C1). The problem is, they show up in my score. I erase them and all looks great, then when I scroll back to that part of the score they’re there again. What am I doing wrong? See that Bflat on the bottom? That doesn’t belong there.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Maybe need a bit more info…
By “controller lane”, do you mean that you are using a VST Expression map? (but, in that case, you should see your articulations as symbols/text in the score, and not the notes that were played to trigger them :confused: )
But I really don’t see, for now, why (or how) those notes would come back automatically, after you have deleted them.
What does it look like in the Key Editor? (do you see them as low notes, or as events in the VST Expression (Articulations) lane?

I’m not using the VST EXpression map, but probably should be. They show up as notes in Key edit, and they’ve been put there to indicate changes in articulation (staccato, sustain, etc). My knowledge is limited, and I apologise for that. I had just intended to go through the score and add the texts and symbols where needed.

I know I have tons to learn and am just starting off with a short piece (64 bars) for two cellos to get my feet wet.

I’ll butt in here… :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest the following- if you want to focus on what you’re doing and put off learning about expression maps to later, you can use the following setting to hide notes.

In Score Settings, go to the Staff tab, then the Options tab. Where it says Note Limits you can set the highest and lowest notes that will display.

In prefs>Scores>Editing the bottom entry in the list is Hide Noters Beyond Limits. Activating this will do just that, but de-activating it display the notes in light gray.

edit: I also have no clue as to how or why seemingly deleted notes reappear, but I think you will figure that out soon.

What Steve said :slight_smile:.