Score Question

it seems like Cubase and Cakewalk are the only programs that is showing my scores correctly. (other 3rd programs don’t show them correctly)
The question I have is, does Cubase have the option to Print it descend, and Add the Note letters on top? (for easy reading)
idk if there is a setting, or a plugin for that?

I tried printing directly for it, but it’s crappy and on top of each other.

I e-mailed support 3 weeks ago (and for a license), and yet there is no answer from them, so thought I will ask here.

Thank you

Edit: I am using Cubase Elements

You can use the text tool in the Score Editor to add text.

Printing in Elements is very rudimentary, and there is no control over layout, but you can print. Make sure the window width matches the size of the paper you print on.