Score questions

In case this is the place: my problem is that in the first measure of every staff line, everything is condensed and too crowded. I have played around with the spacing settings but can’t seem to solve this. I’m assuming it’s happening because the app is including the Clef and key sig when calculating how to space things. Here’s a scan of a printout that shows what I’m on about:

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Use the Scores>Auto-layout dialog to fix the spacing.

Score Settings>Project>Spacings is for the overall look. Before delving into that it helps to first have used the auto-layout dialog and understand what the various options do.

Okay, thank you Steve. I thought I had read everything in the manual on that, and then played around with it some (which did help, when I omitted the Time Sig from each staff except the first) but I will take a deeper look. Good to see that you’re moderating, BTW :sunglasses:

Thanks! Don’t hesitate to post more questions.