Score - scroll wheel

Getting odd behaviour with the mouse scroll wheel in the Score Editor - page mode.

Works initially but then after opening the the Score settings box and closing again, the scroll wheel no longer works. Closing and re-opening score editor fixes it as does deselecting and reselecting page mode.

Can anyone confirm?

Cubase 8.5 64 bit, Windows 7 X64 Sp1

Not seeing that here. Got any more repro details?

Ah, I’ve found that you need to click “apply” (even if not changing anything) in the settings window in order to cause the problem…

Still works here, even when the Score window is not frontmost. Maybe someone else can repro. I am using Windows 10, this might cause the difference in results.

Other info that woudl be helpful:

  • What mouse are you using?
  • Are you using the scroll wheel to scroll within a page, between pages,
  • Writing a step by step repro.

Can’t confirm either, here on Mac.

Thanks for the replies. Think it might be part of a bigger problem with the scroll wheel and Cubase - will investigate further :slight_smile:

I remember well having this problem a few months ago, but I can’t reproduce it anymore !
At that time I was on Windows 8.1, now I’m on 10 and still using Cubase 8.0.10.

But I remember it only occurred while symbol tabs were opened as Palette.

Some clues for your investigation on your part.

Thanks for your reply. That’s very interesting. I’ll check further.

I’ve also noticed that if I open a Cubase session that doesn’t have the mixer open, the scroll well doesn’t work on the main window. Opening the mixer on my second monitor, clicking on it and then returning to the main window fixes it…