Score separate page/sheet to each midi event?

i want to create simple sheet music, chords and some main line melodies, but in the same project i want to create several songs.
each song will be in one event, now that i try to have each midi event on a separate page they all songs (event) are shown in the same continues score. is there a way to make each midi event or by ruler limits to achieve separate scores ?
also is it possible to insert markers into score as text ? for intro verse etc… the markers are already there so would be easier to not write again in score

I’m afraid the MIDI parts need to be on separate tracks (so that you don’t end up with empty bars).

indeed needed to move each event to its own midi track, but for this simple score it worked :ok_hand:

You might want to check out Unlock Layout

If you want to view and print a part without any surrounding empty bars, activate Unlock Layout. Note that When Editing Single Parts in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page). Make sure that you do not adjust the layout when editing the part in this mode as this would erase the layout for the whole track.

From this link: Page Mode