Score settings Copy function?

Hi is there a way to easily copy score settings window without having to store a preset ?
I have never used scores much unless I wanted to print for musicians.
But since MSS and lookahead feature from audiobro I tend to write orchestral music more like a score and let the engine take care of performance where before I would anticipate notes a lot depending on keyswitch.
And now I realise I need to learn from score window… but looks like there’s a lot to optimise there.
The score settings is confusing. I don’t get if the “function” scroll menu is about a specific tab ot both “project” and “layout” tabs because looks like “Staff” tab has it’s own “preset” (?)
there’s a save all … but no load all ? bit messy to me.
So yeah a copy feature just to switch fast from a region to another and paste settings without all the save preset thing that I will not use with other sessions and I see where It would add up preset’s I’ll have to delete… assuming I find them in the roaming folders (?)