Score several issues: crescendo, dynamics, slurs

Hi, there are several issues with the score section at the moment:

  1. After entering a crescendo in the key editor while using articulation. in the score this crescendo will often run for pages long instead of stopping at the next dynamics indication. Sometimes the entered crescendo or decrescendo will minimise to a small vertical line.
  2. After entering a crescendo or other dynamics in the score page, they do no show up in the key editor nor do they trigger any dynamic changes. E.g. when entering again in the key editor then two crescendi show up.
  3. slurs misbehave after updating the lay out. Instead of staying attached to the note they start ‘floating’. Also somtimes slurs just won’t attach to a note. It keeps jumping back to the next note.

I know the score editor is not popular with a lot of users but it is an important part of Cubase and needs attention and maintenance until the full integration of Cubase with Dorico has been achieved.