Score Sheet Printing Cubase Artist 6

I am using Cubase Artist 6 and I am trying to print a score I have written. The score shows up in the score editor, but I can’t find a way to print it. How do I print the score?

Is the Score Editor in Page mode (Scores menu)?

I can’t even find a scores menu for some reason. I have the score editor open but when it is open, none of the menus at the very top of the screen change from the original view of the main cubase screen.

It should look something like this (this is on Mac, but should be more-or-less the same on PC)…

I’m on Mac also and I just figured out how to solve my problem. First off I have Cubase Artist 6, so I don’t have the extra Scores menu, but I still have basic score editing. Second off, to be able to print I had to deactivate 64 bit mode and turn on 32 bit mode. I did this by right clicking on the cubase application, choosing get info, and checking the box “run in 32 bit mode”. To print in Cubase Artist I opened the score and went to file-print. Thanks a lot for helping me with this problem!!! :smiley:

Aha, yes, that’s a known problem :wink:.
Apologies, I still confuse the differences between Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5 (where the score differences are minimal, if at all), vs Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 (which is much reduced, in comparison).

So (for anyone else kinda following this thread :wink: ), Cubase Artist doesn’t have a Page mode (same as the old Cubase Essential 5)