Score Split Question

I admit I’m a bit over my head here and don’t do much in the score editor. That said, I’ve started to experiment with a very basic chart. I understand how to set the split for the two staffs, but is there a way to change the split point half-way through? (See image below). I have the split at F3 at the start and everything is looking good. When it gets to “Peace ON the earth…” it needs to change to a lower split point as notes are being grouped together in the left hand. Changing to polyphonic mode does allow me to drag notes up, but they are still joined by stem to the lower staff. Any help is appreciated! Also, at the end of the tune, the last three measures are stretched out to a whole line apiece. Any way to select just those and condense them down to the size of the others?

If you use the split then it is fixed for the entire project. However you can control exactly which notes appear in each staff by using a polyphonic staff. In its default setup just assign all the notes you want in the treble staff to midi channel 1 and for the bass staff channel 3. Since you probably don’t want your VSTi to see different midi channels make sure in the Project Window to set the midi channel to 1 (or whatever) instead of all. All will just pass through whatever values the notes in the part have, while setting it to a specific channel forces the notes to play on that channel.

The polyphonic staff can also be configured in much more complex fashions. See the Ops Manual for details.

A helpful tip for changing the values: If you do it in the Key Editor and change it so the note colors are based on channel instead of the default velocity it makes it easy to see what’s what. Assuming all the notes are initially on channel 1 just select all the ones you want in the lower staff and change the channel to 3 in the info line.

As raino said - polyphonic split is your answer.

However if you have already created your score using split - and then change it to polyphonic you can right click any notes in the wrong staff and use “Move to Voice” option to correct them.

As far as the last bar - just drag the end bar line to the left to line the width up.


Beautiful. Thanks for the replies. I’ll try doing more in polyphonic/midi notes. Dragging the bar lines does shorten the line, but now I have 3 separate, short, 1-measure lines. Any way to get them all on the same line?

Just see that your problem was the last 3 bars.
click your cursor at the beginning of that section then go to menu Scores - Advanced layout - Number of Bars and set it the same as the others