Score squished when set to landscape

Hello everyone and anyone,

When I change the page orientation to landscape, the score comes out squished. What is the simplest method to fixing this so that the staves are evenly spaced out?

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 7.03.08 PM|690x388

I’d start by reducing the space size in Layout options (others might have better advice).

Why not use condensing? You could cut the number of staves in half, if not more. The result will be far more readable, not less.

You’re trying to cram a size 13 foot into a size 4 shoe.

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Welcome to the forum @jPark

I agree with @Janus. All of your current spacing settings would be based on a page that has the vertical space of a portrait page (unless you’ve already changed the settings).

The result in the screenshot is inevitable unless you reduce the staff size.

Hello jPark, another way would be to go to Layout Options and change your Page Size.
If you had your score layout on a A4 Size in Portrait mode: change it to A3 in Landscape mode.