score syncopation error after adding articulation in key edi

I played in a pizzicato part on my string library.
Then I used the key editor to add an articulation from the expression map with this and when I went to the score editor the syncopation had gone a little crazy.
I removed the articulation from the key editor and went back the the score editor and the problem was gone.

Difficult to know without actually seeing it, but,
Was the articulation in question an Attribute type or a Direction type, and, if the latter, was its location precisely in line with a corresponding note, or at a (display?) quantize point?
I haven’t actually seen this happen here… maybe just never been in that exact situation :wink:.

It seems to happen when I am notating a lot of 16th notes. the quarter notes and half notes are fine. My articulations are “type” = “attributes” in the lower right part of the expression map editor. This allows them to be selected via the drop down menu in the key editor. However if I use text like “spiccato” instead of the symbol, then it tries to put the work “spiccato” under every 16th note and this creates a lot of errors. I wish there was a function that would label spicc for the first note and then not any other notes so if it were a boolean gate saying if a spicc note follows another spicc note there is not need to put the text in there again. Or a logical prest for the score window to get rid of all of these articulation marks in one go. Presently I have to select the first one then hold down the shift and right arrow key and it selects them all eventually, but only on that page. so after pressing delete I have to go the the next page a repeat.

Just a suggestion…
so why not use a symbol for spiccato, and then just add a single regular text event “Spicc.” ?

Yes this does fix it but I was hoping it would automatically write the word in once at the beginning of the section until it changed to a different articulation. I don’t’ really need the clutter of all the spicc symbols either.
Giving up. Just using the hide function for now and writing it in by hand. Or duplicating the track and, then disconnecting it and getting rid of the expression map. Then I start with a clean slate.