score system divider

I can’t find, in support materials or on the forum, information about putting a hash (like a giant two-slash tremolo) between two systems on a single page. Maybe I’m not calling it the right thing. Can this be done yet? If so, how?
David Froom

it’s not implemented yet.

Thanks! NIce to know. Hope the first update comes soon.

If you really need it, you should be able to add it as a text edit (Write mode shift+X) on the first note of the system, put font in Bravura and with the right symbol. Copy paste from

I put it here at 32 pts, then moved it in Engrave mode between the staves

Hope this helps
System divider.png

Thank you, this was helpful.
Is there any way that I can hide score system divider symbol on the single instrument view?

In the part layout, you can select the text item and make it transparent by changing the ‘Opacity’ in the colour picker, found in the Common group of the Properties panel.

Thanks, Daniel, I changed the transparency of the text but this reflected in full score layout as well. Is it possible the unlink the graphic display between the full score and part layout on selected symbol or text?

Be sure to edit the font colour in the properties panel and not in the text editor. If you edit the font colour in the properties panel, it should only change in the layout you are actually working on.

Btw., Adobe Photoshop uses the expression “Deckkraft” instead of “Alphakanal”, which would be much more self explanatory for most of the users in the German translation.