Score text problems

I have a song with 2 parts/tracks per staff. When I make a text object, or a tempo marking, it duplicates it for each part in the staff. How do I stop that? Also, when I do a Page Text object for the title, it looks fine in Page View, but prints vertically down the center of the page. Is there a better way to do that?



The duplicated text suggests to me that you are using Layout Layer text. If you go to Score Settings>Layout, you will see in the center of the pane, the list of the tracks/staves that make up that layout, and four columns, T (“Modern Time Signature”),N (Staff Name), L (Layout Layer objects) and D (Display Transpose), possibly all checkmarked. Uncheck everything in the “L” column except the staff where you want the Layout Text to appear.

The Tempo object belongs to the Layout Layer, so that will fix that for you also :wink:.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use Note Layer text instead (in the “Other” symbols section). This inserts text to a specific staff (as opposed to the layout, which might well, as in your case, contain several staves).

I haven’t a clue what you mean about that vertical printing! (could you post a screenshot?) Are you saying that it looks o.k. on screen but prints wrong onto paper?

I turned off the text in the other layers, and that worked well. The vertical title text happened when I printed to PDF with PrimoPDF, so it may have been related to that. I tried again and it was fine, possibly with different alignment settings.