Score Video output feature

This is a feature request thread talking about Dorico Pro 4 or later.

When I was promoting Dorico to certain people who were using Sibelius, they questioned me that whether they can instantly generate sheet-music-playback videos as they used to in Sibelius.

To me, I can simply do it using Soundflower + macOS built-in screen recording feature. However, it takes some time. Plus, since my recent score is using “cue” among string sections to fake the “one desk” and “1st chair” playback markings, I have to prepare two concert score (one for editing, one for printing), and this made me have to post-process the recorded screen video.

By the way: what if allowing certain players’ playback even if they are hidden from a score layout?

We have no plans to introduce a feature to export a video file of the score being played back.